ICBA Form's and Fee Description

  1. Fee's
    • ICBA has discontinued Organizational Fee
    • ICBA participation will be per team with a Fee of $300 per team
  2. ICBA Insurance Requirments
    • ICBA member organizations must provide a copy of proper insurance covering their organization
    • ICBA member organizations must include a rider naming ICBA as an additional insured to policy
  3. Team Documents required (Links to documents on RIGHT rail)
    • ICBA Roster Form
    • Medical Release Per Player
    • Birth Certificate (Only for first time ICBA participants)
    • ICBA Grade Exception
  4. Organization Documents (Links to documets on Right rail)
    • ICBA Scheduling Template (Only our template is acceptable)
    • ICBA Background Affirmation Letter (MANDATORY or teams will forfeit)